Android Tutorial Getting Started

So you’ve decided to start learning android. Good! I am going to help you in the course. Before starting learning android programming you must have some basic knowledge of object oriented programming such as java and c++. Its because android is nothing but java. And it is object oriented. So I hope you have some basic knowledge of java before putting your foot on the accelerator.

So lets talk about the basic requirement to start learning.


  • Android mobile phone 2.3 or above(preferred but not required)
  • intel i3 2.1 Ghz processor or more (Android studio has some high hardware requirement)
  • Working interent connection


  • Android Studio
  • Android SDK

Getting Started

First we need to download Android Studio from this site . The download file is almost 1 GB so it will take some time. In the meantime if you dont have java jre installed on your computer then you can download that from this site.

After downloading both of them install jdk first(If you haven’t). Then you can install android studio. After finishing installation you may have to wait for some time before it downloads latest sdk components.

After finishing downloading all sdk component you will see this


Click on Start New Android Studio Project


Here you need to enter the name of your application. And then you need to enter the domain name. If you don’t have any, then you can just enter your name. After that click next. Now you will have to choose the target sdk.  Choose API 18 and click next.

Then after that, click Blank Activity and finally click finish

It will take some time to build the gradle.

When the gradle is finished building you will see following screen


Lets take a closer look at everything. You have three folders inside app folder. manifests, java and res. The manifest file presents essential information about your app to the Android system, information the system must have before it can run any of the app’s code. We will take a closer look into it later.

Then there’s a java folder. It contains application packages containing java files. Now we have sdsd.Myapplication package which contains file. So now lets understand this. ‘java’ folder contains .java files

The last one is res folder. It conatins all the resource materials that are needed in the app. For example it contains  layouts, drawable files, string values, color value, dimension values and application styles.

Run the Application

To run your application you need your mobile device to be connected to your computer. Click on 4.PNG icon . It will display the device that are connected to your computer. Select your device and click ok. Now you can see the app running on your mobile.

So that’s it for the getting started tutorial for android. Let me know if you have any problem and I will try to solve it.

Happy programming fellas!



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