Definition of time


Time is the most complex word. No one can define it in satisfactory way. Time is often measured in second, but second also does not have a good definition. So I wanted to give it a shot.

First of all I would like to take a movie reel as a reference. In the reel thousands of images are arranged in an order to create a moving picture. Similarly what we can see with our eyes can be considered as the moving picture. And every moment we experience can be considered as a frame of it. So whatever we have experienced so far in this universe is recorded like a video.

Every video has a certain length and the video of our universe also has a length which is supposed to be 13.8 billion years which is equals to 4.0996×10^17 seconds.

And we know video comes with some frame rate, so what’s the frame rate(fps) of the video of our universe?? That’s a very complex question. Normal video’s fps is determined with the camera used to record it, but the fps of universe can’t be determined that way!!

Our human eye has frame rate of 1000 fps, but what we can actually see and observe is 150 fps. But that’s not the fps of our universe. Many thing happens in such a tiny time which we cant observe. A bullet moves 500 meter per second that is 50000 centimeter per second and our eye cant capture the position or frame of bullet in each cm because our eye’s fps is limited to 1000 fps and we need 50 thousand fps to capture the state and position of bullet in each centimeter.

If we minimize the distance covered by bullet in each second, it becomes 5×10^7mm per second. But mm is also not the smallest unit of distance. The smallest unit of distance is Planck length which is 1.6×10^-36m. So the frame rate of bullet becomes 8×10^37 pl per second. So the speed of bullet can determine the fps of our universe? No cause it’s not the fastest thing in the universe. Light is the fastest thing in the universe which has speed of 3×10^8 m per sec.

So considering the fastest thing at the smallest unit distance of universe, there will be speed of 4.8×10^43 pl per second. So the frame rate per second can be considered as 4.8X10^43 frame per second. That means 4.8×10^43 things can happen within one second. And time is made up of all those (infinite number of ) frames right from the beginning to this moment.

So time is like a 3 dimensional pile of infinite numbers of 3d frames shaped as universe. It can be concluded as a constantly moving train where each bogie is a frame and the people inside each bogie can be compared to the stars, planets, galaxy etc.


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