So whats new with Android Kitkat


After a lot of teasing Google has finally released the latest version of Android, version 4.4. Known as KitKat.  It has brought a number of improvement which are sure to improve android users experience. I have found some notable changes in the new android os, here is a list of some of them

1.Full-Screen Album And Movie Art Combined With Controls



Kitkat has allowed developer to customize the lockscreen background along with their widget. A good example for this would a music player where there would be controls for the player and lockscreen can show the thumbnail of currently playing song in the background.

2. More sensors(Built-In)


Android 4.4 adds operating system support for two new composite sensors: step counter and step detector. This support will allow fitness app developers toaccess pedometer data without writing complex code and algorithms. This, coupled with the hardware sensor batching that reduces power consumed by sensors, means that Android 4.4 devices with compatible hardware, such as the Nexus 5, will be perfect for training and fitness purposes.

3. Immersive Mode


Android’s status bar and navigation buttons can sometimes get in the way, especially when you’re playing a game, reading eBooks or watching videos. Fortunately, Android 4.4 comes with a new immersive mode that hides everything except the app you’re using. Once you’re done, just swipe the edge of the screen to bring back your status bar and navigation buttons.

4. “ok google”


Are you tired of touching that grimy screen to perform searches, send texts, get directions or play your favorite tunes? If so,  you now have voice control capabilities. Simply say “Ok Google” and the command you want from the home screen, or when Google Now is open, and voilà. You’re done.

5. Emojis, lots of ’em



Here’s another fun feature Google added to the Android KitKat’s Google Keyboard. Emoji, which is a Japanese term for those cartoonish ideograms and smileys seen in text messages and websites, can now be used in your messages instead of traditional text. So now text in emojis.

So those are my favorite features in android kitkat. What’s yours? Share in the comment!


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