Flappy Bird : Why so Popular?


Flappy Bird has become a global phenomenon for a few days now. It’s download has grown exponentially in a very short period of time. Its like if you’re not playing this game, you’re missing out. This left many people wondering how the fuck did a game like that become so much popular? And I am one of them. It is no Call Of Duty or Grand Theft Auto, it is just a pixelated game of size less than 1 MB. And honestly it is quite frustrating game, I mean you would throw your phone right into the wall after you die in it.


One of the reason that made it so popular is that it was no Call Of Duty or Grand Theft Auto, its a simple game. You can play this game on a blink of an eye and die, so you need special set of skills to it. Its a great time killing game to be honest. It is easy to learn and its set to get good. You will post on your facebook even if you get high score of 10.


Another reason behind its success is its crappy look. If you look at what’s inside the game, the retro visual style borrows from classic games like Super Mario, which invokes nostalgia in the user.

One guy Dong Nguyen created quite a stir among indie game developers by creating this game. Though he has been accused of using shady practices including buying traffic or paying for fake reviews in order to help ascend the app charts. But that’s just a fuckers point of view. He has started a new approach in the field of game development. “Make it simple, make its addictive” I hope many simple games like flappy bird will evolve in the future and rule the apps market.



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