About Me

I am a self motivated android developer developing android application and games since I was in high school. I developed my first game when I was in 11th grade. So I was attracted towards android development because of my overwhelming addiction for games and apps. I was introduced to mobile phones when I was in 10th grade.And I used to play a lot of game in my Nokia 3320. While I used to play those game, I used to think what If I can customize the players look, what If I can make the score go faster, how can I change the icon of the game and how can I create my own game. Since those Nokia games were the jar files, I used to open them using Winzip, open the classes using notepad and making the changes to the codes I didn’t knew about and later saving it as jar file. But no success on installing the game again. So I thought maybe that’s not the way game developing is done.

After that I started exploring in the web about game development, its life cycle and tools needed to develop them. Then after that I started developing games using Gamemaker Studio. And then later when android phones became popular I started developing apps for android.